Poison: Be Careful Who You Friend Online!

Hey readers,

Just a warning to make sure you guys know not to trust everybody you meet online. I met someone earlier this year who I thought was my friend, but she turned on me and has given me nothing but abuse since. I'm not going to reveal her name because she's really not worth it, she would probably love the attention and drama, but I just had to warn you guys that people are out there online who may seem like your best friend one minute, but have no problem tearing you to shreds the next.

Those people are poison and they are much better out of your life. I mean, look at me. Now that nasty woman is out of my life (though she still continues to hound me through other means online), I am one hundred million times happier. It may seem hopeless for you at the minute, but things get better for you once you start to move on. Some people find it hard to move on, like the woman who is obsessed with me online, but believe me when I say those kinds of people are nothing to you. She's nothing to me. I don't hate her. I definitely don't like her. I don't feel anything for her - except that I feel sorry for her. Sorry that she's the way she is. Sorry that she can't just move on with her life instead of spreading hate. When people have only hate in their hearts and no matter how hard you try with them, they never change. It was a life lesson I was forced to learn on my own and even though it hurt me so much, I am so much better off for it now.

Whenever somebody says something cruel about me, or does something pathetic like shelf my book badly on Goodreads when they don't even know me or have read the book, I smile. I smile because I know those people are not the people I want reading my books anyway. They are not the kinds of people I want to know at all. I have no room in my life for hate, or for people like that. If people want to follow in the footsteps of a bully, I definitely do not want anything to do with that. I have spent my whole life dealing with bullies and this woman is no different. She is old enough to be my mother, and even so, treating anybody the way she has done to so many people including me, is wrong.

Thanks to her though, I have persevered. I have won the silver award at the Global eBook Awards for my book and I have another award being announced on September 1st where I am going to Miami to the awards ceremony in November to collect the award. I am going to Orlando, Florida in October as part of the Press Tour for Syfy where I'll spend time with the executives and talents of Syfy shows and films, all the while visiting the Wizarding World of Harry Potter which is going to be so amazing because I have always wanted to go there. I have been in contact with various celebrities on Twitter through my reviews for shows on SpoilerTV, a site that has welcomed me with open arms as part of the amazing staff there where my readership grows. I have had a phenomenal response for the book (and the second book so far) on Wattpad where the people are so amazing and nice and supportive. I start University in a month's time! My book is still doing incredibly well and it's only going to get bigger and better. I have met some amazing authors the past couple of months, not just my fellow finalists at the Readers' Favourite Book Awards, but also Joe Abercrombie, Darren Shan and Sarah J. Maas, and I'm meeting Charlaine Harris next week! I am on the right path, the path towards my dreams and they're already coming true.

Nasty woman who won't quit stalking me online, if you read this, please move on with your life. Be happy. Stop spending it being hateful against someone who doesn't want to know you anymore. You had your chance to do the right thing months ago, and you continue to ruin it for yourself. I'm happy. In fact, I'm more than happy, my dreams are coming true. It's a shame you're trying to ruin that, but rest assured, you never can ruin my happiness, even if it is the last thing you do. It's not going to happen. You tried, you failed. Now move on. Hopefully one day you will see what you've done to me and regret it. Let the hate out and let the love in. I feel sorry for you that you need people like me to feel better about yourself. I'm sure if you stopped this crusade and just forget about me, you'll be much happier. I know I am.

You can leave me alone now, thanks. Peace.