This is a list of television and radio appearances author Gavin Hetherington has made as well as other credits.


2007 - Charmed Magazine

Issue #16 - May/June 2007. In the 'Ask Brad' section of the magazine, Gavin's question to Brad Kern, showrunner of Charmed, was published. Gavin asked about whether any plans of a Christmas episode of the show was ever going to happen.

2008 - Charmed Magazine

Issue #21 - March/April 2008. In the 'My Favourite Moment', Gavin's reader letter was published of one of his favourite episodes of Charmed complete with a photograph of Gavin. Gavin chose the season two episode 'Chick Flick', though Gavin's actual favourite episode of Charmed is the season three finale, 'All Hell Breaks Loose'.


2012 - Children in Need

Gavin appeared on 2012's Children in Need on the BBC while doing a sponsored sea dip for the charity. Gavin did the sea dip on November 4, 2012 and was broadcast on November 16. The show was viewed by more than 8.2 million viewers on its original airdate.

2013 - Greggs: More Than Meats the Pie

A documentary series following the working life of the staff at popular food company Greggs, a company where Gavin works, the series was broadcast on Sky1 in 2013 over eight parts. Gavin appeared in the second episode in a cameo as footage from the sea dip for Children in Need were shown. The episode Gavin appeared in aired on May 6, 2013 (one day before Gavin's birthday).


2014 - BBC Radio Newcastle

After Gavin appeared in local newspapers that featured his book, "Abyssal Sanctuary: Remnants of the Damned", Gavin was contacted on Twitter by BBC Radio Newcastle to talk about his book and the self-publishing process he went through. He was interviewed by Jon Harle on April 28.


2014 - The Chronicle

'From Sausage Rolls to a Real Page Turner'
On April 28, 2014, Gavin appeared in an article written by Sam Wonfor on Page 12 of the British newspaper The Chronicle. Gavin was interviewed by Sam about his book, book award nominations, book sales and working at the British bakery, Greggs.

2014 - The Journal

'Gavin's Writing Nasties Between Serving Pasties'
On the same date as the Chronicle publication, the same story ran with the same reporter in The Journal. The interview included in the Journal was a longer piece and was also on Page 12.

Online Interviews

2017 - The Ringer

'Are Chat-Fiction Apps the New YA Novels?'
Published April 27, 2017. Click here.

2017 - Wattpad Blog

'Meet the Wattpad Stars: Gavin Hetherington'
Published April 28, 2017. Click here.


2017 - Shiness

Gavin backed Shiness on Kickstarter in May 2014 and helped finance the RPG video game. Gavin will be credited in the opening and closing credits of the video game, will have a statue of himself in the game and his name will be on the "Wall of Ancient Heroes" in Mantara City. The game was released on PC, PS4 and XBox One on April 18, 2017.