Reviews and Little Update

Hello everybody.

Sorry for the long absences. It's completely unintentional. There hasn't been too much to report in the past couple of weeks, things have been moving slowly with sales, but at least they're still moving. Prices have been cut on Amazon worldwide for the price of the book. Now Americans can enjoy the book for $0.99 and my fellow Britons can buy the book for £0.99. Quite the bargain.

Reviews have been coming in too. A lot of them have been amazing and I am so grateful for the positive feedback. Here are a couple from that I absolutely love:

Five Star - Becky Murby
Loved the way the book was written. The descriptions of the whole story from characters to the scenery was so detailed. Never once did I have a clue how this story was going to fall apart. Definitely a heart stopper. Can't wait until the next book is released. Very surprised at how young the author is. Expected the writer to have a lot more experience than this young man. Well done. 

Five Star - Heather L. Gallimore
I literally started and finished this novel in the same night. Walked through the house, finished laundry, and took a bath without putting my kindle down. Can not wait for the next book! 

Three Star - Daw
This book is cheese and not entirely original but it is fast paced and shocking. It is gruesome and horrific at times but so absurd. While I was reading scenes of movies I have watched played in my head. It is urban legend and cheap scary movie. likable people that almost completely follow stereotype and do stereo typical things. Classic terrifying places. But it's fun. If I could memorize just one part of this book my next campfire story would keep us all wondering what was bumping in the night. 

While the three-star review isn't completely positive, it's still honest and I love it. I take the positive from it. And while the bad reviews have been very enlightening, they are opening my eyes and I am currently reading through my book again and doing some last minute edits that seem necessary. I have detected a few errors and there are sentences that could be worded better, so expect an update soon on that.

College has been very challenging but I am still loving it. Two months in and I am so pleased with my progress. I received a Distinction in English Language for my first assignment - a 2000-word autobiography, so I am over the moon with that. I also got a "high merit" for some History homework I did a few weeks ago. It's not an assignment, just homework, and the teacher said it was almost a Distinction! I have completed my first History assignment, a Local Study report, ready to be handed in. I also handed in my first assignment for English Literature last week and I might get my result back tomorrow. Not too sure yet but I hope so. Fingers crossed I killed it!

So please don't think I'm neglecting the blog, I am just overwhelmed with the post-revisions for Remnants of the Damned, completing my UCAS application, keeping up with College work and working my part-time hours at work. Oh, and I also passed my driving theory test last Monday, so I am also very happy with that! Everything is coming up roses!

Until next time!