Second Five Day Freebie Is Over - Another Results Post

From January 20 to January 24, 2014, the second five-day freebie on Amazon happened for Remnants of the Damned. I love these little freebie days, though they happen very sparingly. It was another success and I really pushed it this time, especially in the UK as that is my home. I am always blown away by the response of the freebie and once again I am so grateful to everyone who downloaded the book during this period.

The book got #1 in the United Kingdom for Top Horror Books on the last day of it being free and #1 in Canada for the last few days in Occult (and #9 in Horror). Also got #2 in America for Dark Fantasy, which is fantastic and #2 in Denmark for Horror. In Australia it got #3 for Dark Fantasy and #7 in Occult. In Mexico it got #4 in Dark Fantasy. #5 in Brazil in Dark Fantasy. Also, #7 in France for Occult.

Sales in the UK were up 577% from the last five-day freebie (1,253 vs. 185) which is a HUGE increase and I am so delighted by it. So now, with total sales on Amazon and Smashwords etc., the total sold is 7.81 thousand units worldwide. So thanks a lot everyone and don't forget to download the book when you can, it means the world to me already.

Have a great weekend everyone.