Remnants of the Damned Blog Tour - Finished!

Between May 26 and May 30, 'Remnants of the Damned' embarked on an exclusive blog tour hosted by Shane Morgan (writer of the Impossibly book series) at Itching For Books. Shane did a fantastic job at promoting my book and selling it to various blogs that participated in the tour. I couldn't have asked for a better tour host. She was phenomenal throughout the process. It was my first one and it was so much fun. While the reviews and blog tour may be over, the giveaway still has 3 days and 10 hours left (at the time of this post). If you haven't already entered, the giveaway is at the bottom of the post. You could win a $100 Amazon Gift Card and a signed copy of the book (international), and 4 other winners in the UK will receive a signed copy of the book also.

So this is going to be a little run-down of the blog tour and the response from the various blogs that either reviewed my book or featured the book in a spotlight post. Click on the title of the blog to be taken to the website.

Books Live Forever
4 Hearts out of 5

"Hetherington did a fantastic job making me scared out of my wits and the more I read, I didn’t want to put it down. I wanted to know how all these people were all tied together and what scary thing could happen next to each of them. This is one of those books you don’t read at night and most definitely before you go to sleep.

This is one that I would say if you are frightened easily, I would warn you to read only during the day. lol.. Seriously, this is one scary mamma jamma, and fans of the horror genre will enjoy it. The characters were great, and the plot moves quickly and keeps you guessing as to the who and the why. Can’t wait to read Ashes of the Innocent in October, just in time for Halloween."

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Simplistic Reviews

4 1/2 Stars out of 5

"First of all, I have to say that I love the way the author wrote this book. It took a little time to get used to his writing style and the way in which the author unfolded the story….. but I found that once I got going I did not want to put this book down. I needed to find out or figure out what was going on! And let me emphasize that that was a challenge. For the most part, I was constantly guessing and trying to figure out what truly was happening and that is one of the reasons I loved this book so very much! It was refreshingly different and had quite a bit going on with the 5 main characters to keep you intrigued.

All I can say is that I LOVED it! Just take my word for it. If you are a lover of horror and paranormal stories this book is totally for you! ...October cannot come soon enough for me. And what a perfect month to release the sequel to this fabulous scary, horror, paranormal novel. Thanks to Gavin for a super fun and refreshingly different read!"

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A Flurry of Ponderings

3 Stars out of 5

"The format of the book was intriguing. The main characters each told their side of the story, all on one day. They all work at a cafĂ© in a creepy town with a traumatic history. There was this family that wove into the story that was probably my favorite part of the story, sadly they didn’t really get a starting role until the end, but man I could have read a whole story about that family alone. They ate humans, lived without electricity and bathed in the same bathwater for year, crazy town! The woman detective that wove her way into the story was really interesting too, I imagined her as a creepy version of Nanny McPhee... I am sure [Gavin's] writing will really grow as he grows as a writer, so keep your eye on him."

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The Story Goes...

4 Stars out of 5

"I liked the characters, they were wildly different from each other and yet all a little bit crazy. Also always a plus in my book one of the main characters is gay! Boom. Mind blown! Kudos to the author for that one. (Disclaimer: while it may sound like I'm being sarcastic here I swear I am not.)

I also really liked the pacing of the book. It's broken down into six parts, one for each character that starts after they leave this Cafe where one of the characters sister has just been murdered and leading up to about twenty-four hours (I think) later when they're thrown back together again and the last part being the epilogue where they are all reunited and trying to figure just what is trying to kill them. But this way you get to everything from each characters point of veil and it definitely keeps you in suspense.

Creepy - I fully admit this book creeped me out more than once, especially when I read a certain clown part in the middle of the night...yeah I didn't sleep that night and I am not normally afraid of clowns, you know except when they're in horror movies and books, but in general not afraid..."

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My Book Addiction

3 Heads out of 5

"Remnants of the Damned was dark, twisted, and full of suspense the way good horror should be. The prologue is fast-paced and puts the reader right into the thick of things. Each chapter following is told from the perspective of each employee at the Pandora Cafe the night it happened. I found the design of this storyline extremely intriguing, and I was genuinely spooked several times...

Parts of the story were entertaining in a way that it was so over-the-top you can’t help but be amused. The premise was really good and the author has potential, but there are certainly aspects of his writing style that need to be tweaked. I do hope to see some improvements in the next book, though."

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Lili Lost in a Book

4 Stars out of 5

"Okay, this book was great! I have mentioned that I love horror, right? I mean, to me, this book wasn't "Oh my god it was so scary I'm going to have nightmares for weeks!" since books don't typically scare me easily. But it did have that chilling factor that I love. It was like a whole bunch of urban legends mashed into one horror book... it was awesome! So if you love horror stories as much as I do, I think you should definitely give this book a go!

The story itself was also very action-packed--from start to finish. It will keep you hooked all the way through! You just want to know what will happen next! Oh the suspense nearly killed me! I loved it!

With a dose of mystery and a grip of suspense (and a dash of sass) this novel will grasp you from the start and leave you wanting more!"

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Imaginative Minds

4 'High Pitch Scream' Butterflies out of 5

"Do you feel that? That’s the hair on the back of your neck standing up! That’s the goosebumps slowly taking over. And that is a book you’re not going to want to put down. Holy jumpin’ books! What an opening! From the book cover alone, you know your about to ready something spooky, add in the synopsis and I’m sure your ready to plug-in your night-light!

The detailing and description through this book had me feeling like I was actually there among the characters, and that is an amazing feeling to have while reading a book. Remnants of the Damned started with a fast paced prologue that has you jumping right into the story. I loved how fast paced it was, this book had a perfect flow and there wasn’t a point when I thought the story line was too slow or too fast.

Gavin decision to have multiple POV’s from all the main characters was absolute genius! From this you get to experience and see the scenario from a different angle, which makes this book so much more fastening. While there was room for improvement with the writing style I still strongly believe that Gavin Hetherington is an author to look out for!"

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Unabridged Bookshelf

4 Stars out of 5

"Remnants of the Damned is a dark and creepy tale that utilizes many common urban legends and fits them into the storyline. I will have to say that this book really feels like all the popular horror movies rapped up into one neat little package... 

I will have to say that any horror fan will enjoy the suspenseful writing of Gavin Hetherington, as the story does keep you on your toes. Trust me there is something in this novel for every horror fan, whether it is masked killers, unidentifiable monsters, or even super creepy clowns. This book is seriously like every childhood nightmare of mine rolled into one story. It is not something to read home alone at night, because sleep will become a most difficult thing after reading Remnants of the Damned. 

I love the unique point of view story telling that Gavin Hetherington used, and I love the main plot of the story. I just really want to know what happens next, and what these five teenagers have to do with everything. Horror fans are in for a treat with Remnants of the Damned, and I cannot wait to read the next one."

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All in One Place

4 Stars out of 5  

"In Remnants of the Damned Gavin Hetherington blends horror and urban fantasy, repeatedly unwinding the events of two days from five viewpoints, all as dramatic as the other. 

This is a fast-paced story which is horrific and alarming, but still we are obliged to continue reading. The fact that Lakefield View is an imaginary town in no specified country gives Gavin Hetherington's plot more impact. Although the Lakefield Ripper is just urban legend we are constantly aware that bloody murders, like those in the story happen all over the world and whether the reader is from the UK or US there is a level that these events resonate."

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Word to Dreams

4 1/2 Stars out of 5  

"Right from the get-go, the author had me tuned in.  Some Prologues hint at what is to come, this one sets up the book masterfully, while giving the reader a few chills... I've always loved a bit of creepiness and this book filled what I've been lacking lately.

The storytelling is fantastic, the intricate layers being weaved to and fro, resulting in the ends reaching together at the end but not giving you the answers you wanted, which leads you to wanting the next book now.  Too many times creepy, suspenseful stories lose their way with storylines that are repetitive of other books, give too much away to keep you interested or just lose their momentum.  This book is not one of those.  When you think that you're starting to figure something out, there's a shift in the story that totally makes you rethink things.

The author is superb in handling multiple POV's.  I've read my fair share of books, as I'm sure you have, and sometimes seeing the same scene from another person's POV seem almost a carbon copy and starts to feel boring and overused.  Not in this book.  Each POV is as unique as each character is.  The way the author brings each character into the fold keeps the reader attached to the story and keeps the flow of the action, keying in on the readers senses."

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D'eBook Sharing Book Reviews

4.5 Clovers out of 5

"...Smart ol’ me decided to start reading this book when I went to bed one night. By the end of chapter one, I think if my hubby had tapped me on the shoulder, I’d have screamed in terror and fallen off the bed in an undignified heap :( so I waited till morning to finish the book. (I know, I know, I am a wuss!!)

If you asked me who my favourite character was, I would have to pick them all. There’s not one that I liked more than the other. I definitely can’t wait for the next part to find out what happens next.

Gavin writes a story that will have you wondering what is gonna happen to who next and he does it in such a way that had me almost imagining I was watching a tv series.

A massive 4.5 Shamrocks from this scaredy cat to a young writer whose story makes me long for the daylight and whose humor has me giggling."

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Algerian Bookaholic

4 Stars out of 5

"All five main characters were good. My favourite one is Tiffany. She's so funny and sarcastic and I LOVE my sarcastic characters.

"Tiffany, stop pulling ugly faces," Carmen heard Roberto shout.
"Why?" Tiffany replied.
"My mother always told me to never pull faces at other people. If the wind changes, your face will stay that way forever."
"I see you didn't listen then," Tiffany commented... p.135

Remnants of the Damned was a really good book. I really loved it. However, as I said before, the ending left more questions than answers. Hopefully we will get more answers in the next books."

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Comments about the twist ending

Fortunately, the mean twist ending I included at the end of 'Remnants of the Damned' was noted in some of the reviews by different readers in a positive way thankfully. I was almost not going to include it as it gives away something I wanted to keep secret for a good few books, but then I decided to just go all out with the ending. Here are some of the comments made about the twist ending:

“The ending was a cliffhanger, and it was a freaking awesome twist to the entire story, but it does a great job setting up for the next book. One that I most certainly be on the lookout for.”
- Books Live Forever

“I cannot wait for the sequel because while I thought that I had figured out how this story was going to end, Gavin put a spin on it and left me quite surprised and intrigued! I am in need of the sequel like today, not October! Anyway, you need to check this out for yourself and October cannot come soon enough for me.”
- Simplistic Reviews

“However, I do plan to give this author another shot in the future because I was entertained by the story despite the flaws, and the cliffhanger makes it nearly impossible to resist the desire for more.”
- My Book Addiction

“Remnants of the Damned has every single element to classify this as a horror story and a good one at that! A spooky fast paced read that ends with a cliffhanger and makes you want to run out and grab the next book! Sadly, I’ll have to wait until October, cue the sigh! Sigh.”
- Imaginative Minds

“Gavin Hetherington is able to hook his reader into The Abyssal Sanctuary series by ending the novel with a shocking and unanticipated cliffhanger. I hope the sequel is released soon…”
- All in One Place

“However, some of the side characters were really annoying. Like the detective Winifred who was so mean, but we get to know why at the end of the book (so unpredictable by the way).”
- Algerian Bookaholic

And that's a wrap!

A huge thank you to everybody who participated in the tour. It honestly means the world to me that everyone has been so kind and generous with their reviews, I couldn't have asked for better. The main criticisms with the book mainly have to do with lack of answers. With 'Remnants of the Damned' being the first book in the Abyssal Sanctuary series, I mainly wanted to just set the story up and introduce the characters and the world of Lakefield View. The sequel, 'Ashes of the Innocent' will feature a hell of a lot of answers to most of the questions left at the end of the first book. The whole Bellisario family and the main character's childhood connection will all be revealed in a chilling way I hope you love. It will continue to pay homage to the horror genre as the first book did and new storylines will hopefully elevate the sequel into a better book than the first. 'Ashes of the Innocent' will be released on Amazon on October 6, 2014.


And finally the giveaway. Remember if you have not yet entered, feel free to do so. Just complete the tasks to get the maximum points and be in for a chance to win those goodies.

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