Gavin Hetherington Meets Charlaine Harris

I'm still on a high right now from meeting one of my favourite authors of all-time. It's only been two and a half hours since I waited in line (I was the fifth person in the queue) to meet this incredible author so I still feel on top of the world.

I have regularly been going to Waterstones Book Signings in Newcastle now because a lot of authors I have read and love have been appearing regularly. Once I discovered this in June, I have been to see Joe Abercrombie, Darren Shan, and Sarah J. Maas. Today, the woman who wrote the Southern Vampire Mysteries (or Sookie Stackhouse series) that later inspired the HBO hit show True Blood (that is one of my favourite shows of all-time also) appeared at Waterstone's and... oh my God... I loved her.

When she was walking toward the table, she looked in my direction and waved at me! She must have remembered me from when I sent her that tweet a few weeks back that she replied to. When it got to my turn to have my book signed, we talked and she was such a lovely woman. I will never forget meeting Charlaine Harris and I hope to God I will meet her again. She's such a big influence on me and I look up to her so much. I will treasure Midnight Crossroad for the rest of my life.

Next up is Derek Landy (author of the Skullduggery Pleasant series) on Sunday who is signing books at Waterstone's, and it also includes a puppet show to re-enact the book series - how awesome!! Also going to a talk and Q&A with Dave Gorman next Wednesday.