'Ashes of the Innocent' Now Available to Pre-Order on Amazon!

Good news everyone! The sequel to my 2013 award-winning debut novel is FINALLY coming, and with an earlier release date too!

I first have to apologise for that first delay of releasing Ashes of the Innocent after I marketed it to be published on October 6th 2014. Things came up - job opportunities, book promotions, and starting University too - that all affected the initial tentative release date. I am very sorry for that, but I am very humbled by the fantastic response to the first book of the series and the excitement for the follow-up.

Now is your chance to pre-order the second book in the Abyssal Sanctuary series. The book is only currently available to pre-order on Amazon, but the book will be published to Barnes and Noble, iTunes and other places not long after the book's release. And speaking of release, the sequel will be coming out one day earlier than planned - October 5th! This is so the release falls on a Monday rather than the Tuesday. I also thought you guys have waited far too long for this anyway that the little early date will be welcome. I am very excited for you guys to read it and I hope you will all enjoy it just as much as the first. For incentive, the reception to the first half of the book by the community on Wattpad has been overwhelmingly positive!

The price of the book varies by country but please note that I have made the book available at the lowest prices possible for every country! Be sure to pre-order your kindle copy so here are the links for each Amazon store:

UNITED STATES - Click here
CANADA - Click here
FRANCE - Click here
DENMARK - Click here
SPAIN - Click here
ITALY - Click here
BRAZIL - Click here
NETHERLANDS - Click here
JAPAN - Click here
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