'Ashes of the Innocent' is Complete at 124,000 Words!

So many good things that have happened regarding the book series in the past few days!

Yesterday (September 15), I finished writing the last chapter of 'Ashes of the Innocent'. On September 15 in 2013, I finished my first book, so there seems to be a recurring pattern of that date being the day I finish writing books! I have been ploughing through writing the past month and a half since returning from Cambodia, which editing and reading through already completed chapters with my friend.

As a positive note before the book is released on October 5th 2015 on Amazon, the beta readers on Wattpad have LOVED the sequel! With over 2,600 views on the platform, a lot of people have left glowing comments and reviews. That makes me very excited about releasing this book when it's been checked and edited.

So with the book actually complete, the word count as it stands is an astounding 124,164 words!! My first book was only 81,949 words, so that is a whopping 51% higher over Remnants of the Damned. That's bigger than the first three Harry Potter books, The Hobbit, Sense and Sense Ability, The Golden Compass, Gulliver's Travels, etc.

In news regarding the first book, a surge in sales occurred yesterday. It peaked at #4 on the Horror charts on Amazon in the United States last night/this morning and #13 on the Fantasy chart. It also peaked at #4 on the Spine-Chilling Horror charts in Canada. It also re-entered the Top 50 in the United Kingdom. It's great that the first book is doing so well again so close to the release of the sequel.

19 days guys! 19 freakin' days! Here are the pre-order links again:

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