Ashes of the Innocent eBook and Paperback News, Award Nomination

Hey fellow Sanctuariests, Happy Pancake Day for those who celebrate it! I have some news about the eBook and Paperback releases of the second book of the Abyssal Sanctuary series.

So this news was a little delayed as I wanted to make sure the book was as polished as it could be, but the Paperback book has been available for about a month now, and the eBook is now available on Barnes and Noble, iTunes, etc. I will include the links to each format further down the page. But otherwise, I am so excited that the second book is now available for purchase in physical form. It's quite a big book compared to the first, but a lot of that is due to formatting. I am going through the first book to format it properly to re-release, then it will match the 2nd book on the shelf. The 2nd book is about 40,000 words longer, so the page count comes to a whopping 542 pages. I am so proud of this book.

Other news include the award nomination 'Ashes of the Innocent' now has. My first book was nominated and won the Silver Award for Best Horror Fiction at the Global eBook Awards, and following in its footsteps, the sequel has been nominated in the same category. We will find out if the book will be shortlisted around August and if it won Gold/Silver/Bronze in September. I am so excited, and I really hope this follow-up will do just as well as 'Remnants of the Damned'.

I'm also really excited to share another short story I wrote for my Creative Writing course at University. It's called 'The Christmas Card', and I wrote it over Christmas during my recovery from double jaw surgery. I get my marks back from it, I think, this Thursday, but I had an extension for my surgery so I may get my marks back later. Either way, there's something exciting I want to do with this short story, so stay tuned for that.

The Wattpad Block Party that I am part of, hosted by Kelly Anne Blount, is underway - and it's doing incredibly! It's already over 200,000 views and is climbing the charts on Wattpad, so be sure to check that out. My post is scheduled on February 24th, and here is a link to the month-long event, so read all the amazing posts from the talented authors on the site, so click here. There are amazing giveaways, including signed copies of my first two books!

Here are the links to the Paperback copies of 'Ashes of the Innocent', and the links to the eBook editions of the book on other sites for your Nooks, Kobo's, and other eReaders:

Paperback - US
Paperback - UK
Barnes and Noble
Apple iTunes - UK
Apple iTunes - US
Baker-Taylor Axis 360

(The ones without links are formats that are apps, and will have to download from the app, which I do not have a link for.)

And if you have yet to read the first chapter of Rise of the Ripper, you can do so on Wattpad here: Children, Be Afraid.