Introducing TAP: The New App from Wattpad!

Hey guys! First post of 2017 - I hope the transition into the New Year was a pleasant one.

Today (February 21), a new app has been launched from Wattpad, titled 'Tap'. I am so excited by this because I was asked to contribute 10 original chat stories prior to the app's launch (4 under my name, 6 under a pseudonym), and fortunately you can read all of them on the app! Tap is essentially for chat stories, where the stories come in the form of text messages that readers are given exclusive access to as if they are eavesdropping on a conversation they shouldn't be listening to. All you have to do is tap your way through the messages to read the entire story.

You can get unlimited reading until Thursday so download the app now on the App Store or Google Play! After that, there will be a time limit on how many taps you can do and you'll have to wait a short amount of time to refuel, so to speak (kind of like running out of lives and waiting for your hearts to regenerate), or you can pay for an affordable subscription to the app. Either way, you're going to get the chance to read some quality stories.

The stories I've written are currently on, so check them out! My stories (under my name) include "The Babysitter", "Don't Move! Don't Breathe!", "Spaghetti" and "That's So Disney Emoji". Below are some screenshots:

What are you waiting for? Download it now! It's going to be your new addiction.

More news upcoming about my personal writing projects as well as more details and pre-orders for the upcoming Snow anthology that I am a part of. But for now, have a phenomenal day (and don't forget to download Tap!).