Interview on 'Bibliocracy Nation'

Hey everybody.

Sorry for the delay in posting, I've been pretty busy. Not only have I been working my ass off at my part-time job, I've also been writing more of the novel. It's so close to completion I can literally taste the last page. With me working so much at work, I fear it may take me a little longer than desired to write the final chapters, but I will not let it stop me from getting my book out on October 21st 2013, the new official date for Abyssal Sanctuary: Remnants of the Damned.

But in the meantime, I've just recently had an interview on the social networking platform 'Bibliocracy Nation' for authors, publishers, agents etc. to connect and talk about what we do best. It's a fantastic free website for everybody to use so I urge anybody who is interested to go check it out.

You can find my interview here:

Bibliocracy Nation - Interview with Gavin Hetherington

Have a great day everybody!