It's Getting Closer...

Well it's not long now.

My book may only be 70% complete but I have remained working hard on it and I can see the finish line. I'm trying to get things prepared for when I do take the publishing plunge in 2 months for Halloween on Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing scheme.

It feels pretty amazing to see this in Draft on the site right now and makes me even more determined to reach that finish line in time for my desired October date.

I seriously couldn't have done so much in the past few months if it wasn't for my talented, amazing editor Lisa Davison. She's a dear friend of mine who I have known for what will be 10 years this year. Very fortunate to have met her at school and remained good friends since. She gives me the best edits and suggestions that truly make the book better. I feel more prepared than ever to take the leap from a story I've kept to myself for five years to an actual published manuscript.

Watch this space, the more of the novel I complete, the closer I am to knowing when I'll be able to publish it. Have a good day everyone!