49 Days Until...

Abyssal Sanctuary: Remnants of the Damned is released. That's 7 weeks away, or 1 month and 19 days away. I thought I should update the blog again as I've been quiet the past couple of days. Work has again been taking up most of my time but I completed another chapter today and I am even closer to the finishing line. 90% done.

I have a week off in just over a week from work, but will have the start of college to look forward to on September 18th. I am hoping to get this novel completely finished before then so I can focus on college work while getting my book ready to launch. I am so looking forward for it to be out there; the novel is in the best shape it's ever been. Who knew fifth draft would be the charm?

There's still a bit of work to do and the whole book will still need revising before it gets published but I am very confident I will meet my deadline of October 21st.

Also, an update about the cover of the book. I have made it and it looks fantastic. It uses the same image as the ones on this blog promoting the book. But before I can make the cover final, I have to get permission from the artist, Peter Lee, to use it. I am in the midst of getting in touch with him so fingers crossed.