New tagline!

Sorry for the silence. I've been busy, busy, busy until the launch next month. I am even closer to finishing, I seriously will be finished with writing the novel this week! I now have a week off work so I can focus on the final two chapters, which I promise will be exciting, explosive and utterly delicious.

I've been trying to think of taglines for the first novel, Remnants of the Damned. The first one I thought of which is currently being used for the book cover is "Welcome to Lakefield View. Enjoy Your Stay." Short but effective, especially since it welcomes readers into this crazy twisted world I have created and gives them a sense that they can't leave, much like the characters in the book.

The second, which I am currently using for the promotional banner on Facebook, is "The Worst Thing About Being Alone in the Dark, is Finding Out You're Not". It strikes some sense of fear in the reader and captures the essence of the novel perfectly considering the characters never seem to be alone, even when they're supposed to be.

I promise an update will be coming in the next few days concerning the completion of the novel. As always, have a great day!