Future of "Abyssal Sanctuary" Now Exclusive to Wattpad

Huge changes to the future of Abyssal Sanctuary! Last month (exactly 1 month ago today - May 17th) I joined the site Wattpad. Wattpad is a site where people can post their stories bit-by-bit where users are able to comment and vote for the story by each chapter. I think it's a pretty awesome site. I actually started thinking after I uploaded Remnants of the Damned that this site could actually be the future original home for the series. It's perfect for sharing my story. People can read and comment on each chapter which is great considering I appreciate all feedback, good and bad. Fortunately on Wattpad, all feedback received so far has been extremely positive.

So, my 1-month anniversary lands on today. I thought I would update you guys on the official website to detail what exactly I have in mind for the future of the series and how Remnants of the Damned is doing so far. The first book has a total of 3,407 reads as of right now (21:00 UK time). I think that is pretty incredible for its first month online on the website. There have also been 408 votes on the book too. People can vote each chapter if they like it.

Since I absolutely love this website now, I have decided to post Ashes of the Innocent regularly on Wattpad leading up to October. I will update the book chapter-by-chapter progressively over the next three to four months in time for Halloween. I am still going to publish the book on the Kindle, Nook, etc. but the story will be available on Wattpad first. I am going to try and publish around two chapters a week. I have a goal for each chapter set and I really want to hit the deadlines, so depending on personal circumstances, I will abide by these deadlines.

I began Ashes of the Innocent on Wattpad on June 8th by posting the Prologue. Yesterday (June 16) I posted the first chapter of Christina's story. The second chapter in Christina's story will be coming on June 19th. If you want to keep up with the second book in the Abyssal Sanctuary series, I recommend giving it a read on Wattpad as it is updated. I have created some chapter promotionals that I am going to post on Twitter and Facebook after I publish a new chapter to promote the next new chapter and when it can be expected. Hopefully this helps readers keep up with the story.

Thanks for a great first month on Wattpad, I am very proud of the success of the story so far. Keep reading guys, I appreciate the support from everybody. I cannot thank you all enough.

You can find Remnants of the Damned on Wattpad here, and Ashes of the Innocent here.