A Catch Up Post and What's to Come in 2016

Hey everyone, happy new year! I think it's time for an update on the series.

So last time I really checked in with you guys was around Halloween, when I participated in Wattpad's Fright Week event on Twitter. That was an absolute blast! I got so many questions about horror writing and about my series, making the event very successful. Thank you to all who participated, and a special thanks to Wattpad for believing in me and giving me that incredible chance.

I also announced the premiere date for Rise of the Ripper, which is January 4th. That means tomorrow! The prologue chapter (which begins every book) is the biggest prologue chapter yet! At 3,715 words, it comes in longer than Ashes of the Innocent (2,722 words) and Remnants of the Damned (1,762 words). That means the third book is already off to an incredible start. I have decided to pace the writing of this book. I ended up having to sort of rush the first two in order to meet unachievable deadlines. With the release of Rise of the Ripper being October 16, 2017, that allows me all of this year to complete the book, and have it edited next year before its release in eBook format. Like Ashes of the Innocent, I will post Rise of the Ripper serially on Wattpad, allowing readers a first look at the chapters, so you don't really need to wait almost two years for the next book.

I'm also going to make it my mission to post regular updates on this site as well. I feel like I neglect this site a bit too much. I've noticed in the past year I ended up updating sporadically, but I'm hoping to be more consistent this year. I will have more time to submerge myself into Abyssal Sanctuary, making it easier for me.

I'm also currently recovering from double jaw surgery. I had a bimaxillary osteotomy to fix my underbite, and I'm currently 12 days post-op. I'm currently feeling pretty good and having quite a fast recovery, but the first week was torture, and I still feel discomfort with my jaw. I'm still so grateful to have had it done though. It happened on the 22nd of December, just 3 days before Christmas, so I couldn't have Christmas dinner with my family like I should have. That was very sad, and I still can't really eat anything solid. My face is still quite numb.

In other news, I've announced my participation in the Wattpad Block Party, a very special event that runs throughout February. It's hosted by Kelly Anne Blount, a very successful author herself, and will include some very special guests, including a few New York Times and USA Today bestselling authors. Christopher Pike, Apryl Baker, etc. This is another incredible opportunity and I cannot wait for my scheduled date of participation, which is February 24th, so be sure to check it out. I'll be updating on that when the time comes too!

Ashes of the Innocent will be coming to paperback very, very soon. I've just been sent a proof of the very first copy, it's currently in the mail and should be with me by the 6th. Once I approve it, it should be made available to buy. I'm also in the process of having the book available for other formats beside Kindle for Amazon, including sites like Barnes & Noble, and Apple's iTunes store. Keep an eye out for that. It's currently available on Smashwords for only $0.99, so get it while you can!

And here's an exclusive look at the full cover of Ashes of the Innocent, which I am very proud of:

The book comes up to an impressive 524 pages. I told you guys the sequel to my first book would be bigger and better. I'm currently in the process of updating the first book's paperback edition, with an improved interior to allow better reading, and for an exterior to match the sequel's design. I cannot wait for it to be done so I can see how books one and two look side by side, and also when book three comes along. Nothing beats seeing your work in physical form.

So 2016 is going to be a mega-huge year for me. I'm continuing to write short stories as well as the third book of Abyssal Sanctuary, all the while going into semester two of year two of University. Can't believe I start my third year later this year! I'm going to do my Masters' Degree at the end of year three, so it won't be my final year at Newcastle University. I never want to leave! I'm continuing to give my education 100% effort and it's very important to me, but unfortunately it takes up so much of my time. Hopefully it won't interfere with my writing too much.

I had to take a little step back from SpoilerTV at the end of 2015 due to my hectic workload. I am pleased I will be returning with reviewing the second half of season 6 of Pretty Little Liars. I also announced on my Instagram that I have booked another volunteer trip with Reach Out Volunteers. This time, from June 26 to July 9 this summer, I will be heading to St. Lucia in South Africa, where I will be working at an orphanage and Game Park. I am so excited for this adventure and the chance to help others again. I loved my last volunteer trip to Cambodia so much that I couldn't resist another opportunity to make a difference.

2016 is going to be a big year for me and Abyssal Sanctuary, I can feel it, and I will not stop working hard until the series becomes bigger than my dreams. I believe in myself, and I hope you all will have a wonderful 2016 too. Never stop dreaming!