Read the First Chapter of 'Rise of the Ripper' on Wattpad!

It's January 4th, which means the prologue chapter of the new book has been released!

I am so excited to have the first chapter now released on Wattpad! Just as I promised during my Q&A chat with Wattpad on October 28th, the opening of the third book in the Abyssal Sanctuary series has debuted!

As I also mentioned yesterday, this prologue chapter is the biggest opening chapter yet, not just in terms of action (and I promise there is loads of it), but in word count. With 3,715 words, it's quite possibly my most favourite prologue chapter yet. I feel very proud of it.

So get yourself over to Wattpad and read it, rather than wait until October 16th, 2017 for the eBook release! The second chapter will be posted in the near future - I really want to figure out a schedule for it and work it around university and my other projects.

Here's a link to the chapter: Children, Be Afraid.