Remnants of the Damned: FEATURED on WATTPAD!!!

Hi everyone! I hope you are all well and that your summer (or winter depending where you are) is your best one yet! I have to admit, for me, it's definitely my best one yet (so far).

There are a couple of reasons why, and one huge reason why I am writing this blog post with the biggest smile on my face. First of all, I have just recently come back from a volunteer trip in South Africa with Reach Out Volunteers, my second volunteer trip abroad. I had the absolute best time there and I did a lot of crazy amazing things and met the best people ever. I'll do a blog post about my experience in the next couple of days like I did with my trip to Cambodia last year. I also passed second year of University with some of my best marks ever in my essays! Can't wait for my third year in September!

But the biggest thing to happen to me yet? REMNANTS OF THE DAMNED IS FEATURED ON WATTPAD! This is incredible and I feel so very lucky that it is now a staff-picked featured story! I'm still stunned and it's helping people discover the book that began it all for me and I couldn't be more proud. I really hope this is just the beginning, and I'm sure it is. I've tried so hard to believe in myself for the longest time and I'm really starting to. Hard work really does pay off. You can support the book by clicking on the widget below! Be sure to vote and comment. As I write this, the book has now peaked at #56 in Horror on the site, but hopefully it continues upwards!

More exciting things to come in 2016 so keep an eye on the blog! This includes news about an appearance in New York City as well my featured date in Kelly Anne Blount's Wattpad Block Party Summer Edition II, where I will be revealing an excerpt from my upcoming ghost story - Fen of Stagnant Waters.

2016 continues to go strength to strength and I am so happy to have you guys on this adventure with me. Have a wonderful day and keep in touch!